samar story

Since the death of the mother of Samar Mohamed Badawi of cancer Samar suffered from injustice and violence of her father ..

when she was 14 years old, she ran away again and again from him ..

But eventually she come back to him after threatening her uncles for helping her.

Even after she got married and gave birth to her son Bara’a, aged 7 years, she suffered her father intervention in her life and taking her savings. After she got divorced she went to live with her brother.

Then her father started to issue complaints and legal cases against her and her brother.

After that, she stayed in a house of protection, by orders from the Governor of Jeddah Prince Mishaal bin Majed, for one and a half years. during which summoned her grandfather and her uncle, who testified truthfully against her father (the report of the Social Affairs is in the blog).

While the father filed a disobedience complaint against his daughter in the office of investigation and prosecution, Samar was acquitted from that case.

Then, Samar filed a request of dropping the mandate in the General Court in Jeddah considering the fact that her father is aggressive and was jailed in a gun fight case before.

After year and a half living in the house of protection she requested the governor of Jeddah, Prince Mishaal bin Majed, to allow her to live with her son and consent of her brother. The Prince agreed to her request and sent a letter to Jeddah police to protect her from the violence of her father (the letter can be found in the blog).

The judge ordered to send the case to the District Court to prosecute the father after his violence, curses and insults.

While the father went to the President of the District Court judge Abdullah Al-Othaim who settled a disobedience lawsuit against his daughter again.

At the first hearing judge Othaim ordered her to return to her father’s house, and she refused and raised her case at the same court against the father, where she refused the punishment of her father assigned by court. She just wanted to guarantee her freedom, independence and security.

However, the judge threatened her of flogging and imprisonment. But once again she returned to the House of protection.

After absenting from two hearings in just one week, the judge Othaim has issued an arrest warrant against her claiming that disobedience requires an arrest, contrary to the Resolution No. (1900), which stated that striking a parent of crimes deemed to be arrested and not disobedience to parents at all. Even though Samar was beaten by her father before (a copy of the warrant of arrest in the blog post).
Samar fled from the house of protection to avoid jail in this matter. And resorted to the Office of Prince Khalid Al Faisal, who promised her to resolve the problem.

She disappeared from her father, who has been chasing her from one place to another in order to apply the judge’s order to send her to prison.


She received some marriage proposals but her father rejected all of them.

Then she filed a complaint of preventing marriage in the general court in Jeddah.

in the day of the first session, knowing that she might get arrested, she went and attended were she got arrested while on her way out of the General Court.
And held in Breiman prison in Jeddah as of 4, 4, 2010.

After three months she attended the second session in the same case and the judge confirmed the Marriage preventing caused by the father.

The general Court delayed the father’s right to object until the discrimination court to study the case.

While President of the District Court judge Abdullah al-Othaim, who ordered the jail term did not issue another hearing session leaving her in prison for so long, on the grounds that the transaction was lost.

Then the Emirate of Makkah region Intervened and prepared a report about the reason for her escape and proved the report that her father threatened her with death, and forced her to give her money and he beat her.

As recommended by Prince Khalid Al Faisal, of trying to reconcile between her and the father through the Committee on Reconciliation of the Emirate of the region, otherwise she can stay in a social welfare (Attached copy of the report).

Her father refused to reconcile or even allowing marriage and the envoy of reconciliation came to prison and met with Samar and she told him that she wants to get married and that’s her right.

She knew then that her father stipulated two hundred thousand riyals (200000) to alloe her marriage.

In the last month of Ramadan Samar Badawi contacted Judge Abdullah Othaim from prison and ask him for the prison time left, said to her: “Did you disciplined Samar? Did you know how strong we are, the judges??”

Supreme Council of Justice has opened an investigation in the case and still in progress.

Samar learned that her uncles requested judge Othaim to release them, but he insisted, claiming that she’s her father’s right and imprisonment is better for her!

Samar still now in Breiman prison in Jeddah, deprived of seeing her son for six and a half months, without any judicial ruling. While waiting for Prince Khalid Al Faisal commands, and waiting the Discrimination court confirms to the General Court judge on the Preventing Marriage case.


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